Goodwood Revival 2015 (Part 1)

For the past 18 years, mid-September has become synonymous with Lord March’s Goodwood Revival party on his grounds.

Youngster dreams of the day he might drive this 1950 Cooper-JAP Mk4 at the Goodwood Revival | Dirk de Jager photos

For the past 18 years, mid-September has become synonymous with Lord March’s Goodwood Revival party on his grounds. The Revival celebrates all things from the era before 1966 when the motor circuit was actively used.

Although there are some top notch historic races being held, ranging from pre-war to open-wheelers, GT cars and Can-Am racers, you don’t necessarily have to come to this event to watch the racing.

There is an overload of classic cars present — it is the main theme after all — but there’s so much more going on and the visitors are much part of it, helping to create the right look, atmosphere and ambiance.

All the venues have been built to represent something from the 1930s into the ‘60s, and the same goes for everybody working the weekend. And the visitors are strongly encouraged to dress up as well, and here’s where the fun starts. Loads of people take this very seriously, as you can tell by walking around among the nearly 150,000 in attendance, about 80 percent of whom are decked out in clothing from the Roaring Twenties, puffy ‘50s dresses or Rock ’n’ Roll accoutrements.

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Naturally, you can have your hair done right there in the right style and go shopping for next day’s or next year’s clothing while in the background a squadron of Spitfires might be flying over or the next heavy-thunder car grid takes the starting flag.

Across the road you’ll find a Bonhams auction, a fairground and more shopping with food stands and live bands playing the night away for who just feels like hanging out and a fun day and evening.

You’ll also find there one of the coolest parking lots in the world. Every other car show on the planet is just drooling over what just shows up and casually gets parked there.

Even though this is the UK, and having an event this period of the year could be a little bit tricky, Lord March again found a way to order some decent weather and to keep it dry for all of us to enjoy the wonderful setting he has once created again.

Photos by Dirk de Jager

Tomorrow: Part II

Dirk de Jager

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