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1928 Buick Master Six sedan


This handsome vintage Buick luxury sedan is being offered at a bargain price
This handsome vintage Buick luxury sedan is being offered at a bargain price

The Pick of the Day is a rare old-timer in apparently great condition that presents the opportunity to get into a real vintage head-turner from the Roaring ’20s for a reasonable price.

“This handsome 1928 Buick Master Six Model 47-S sedan is one of those big, powerful, capable cars which, for reasons we can’t quite understand, remain extraordinarily affordable,” the seller, a Georgia classic car dealer, says in the listing on ClassicCars.com. “The fact that it was treated to a quality restoration is quite a rare thing, since today this car would likely have ended up as a parts car for a roadster or touring model.”

 The landau bars show that it is a Master-series car

The landau bars show that it is a Master-series car

Although most of the collector-car focus these days is on sports cars and performance cars, these vintage models have enjoyed a quiet renaissance in recent years as more enthusiasts learn to appreciate their antique charm. The dire predictions that all interest in pre-war domestic cars would die off with the passing of those generations have not panned out entirely as younger collectors’ tastes grow and mature.

Still, the Buick is not one of the highly desired Full Classics of that era, which is reflected in the modest asking price of $19,995.

The Buick was restored quite a while back, but according to the seller remains in excellent condition. The landau bars behind the back windows and the luxury interior with mohair seats and nickel and wood trim show that the sedan is a Town Brougham from the upmarket Master series, which has been repainted with the correct Washington Blue body with black fenders and trim.

Mohair, wood and nickel trim are featured in the interior
Mohair, wood and nickel trim are featured in the interior

“Finish work was done to show standards sometime before the current owner acquired it in 1980 and it still presents today as a high-quality example of a seldom-seen model,” the seller wrote. “The hood opens and closes easily, the doors have a wonderfully solid feel when they latch, and the graceful curve of the fenders gives it the look of a much more expensive vehicle.”

The Buick is easily drivable, the seller says, with decent performance and improved brakes on all four wheels.

“The engine is Buick’s rugged and reliable 274-cubic-inch inline-six, which featured overhead valves (a very big deal in 1928) and made about 80 horsepower,” the seller says. “Torque is the real story here, and with the overall gearing, this Buick is content to cruise at 45 mph and climbs hills easily.”

The decades-old restoration has held up well, with some signs of patina and use, the seller says, but the Buick is basically ready to drive and enjoy.

“Today it’s beautifully preserved, drives like it should, and offers a lot of old car fun for not a lot of money,” the seller adds. “And those beautifully finished wooden spoke wheels are in excellent shape, wearing correct Firestone wide whites.”

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