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Historic Jeeps added to Omix-ADA collection


1955 Willys CJ-5 as part of the Jeep Collection | Omix-ADA Jeep Collection Photos

Omix-ADA, an independent manufacturer and wholesaler of Jeep parts and accessories, has added two more heritage vehicles to its Jeep collection in Suwanee, Georgia: a civilian J-10 pickup and FC-150.

1978 Jeep J-10 Pickup

“Our 1978 Jeep J-10 pickup truck came to us with extremely low mileage, an exclusive Levi interior and air conditioning – a rare option for J-10 pickups,” said Dave Logan, Jeep Collection Curator at Omix-ADA.

1959 Jeep FC-150

“We’ve also added a Jeep FC-150, which features a hydraulic bed and a later, wider chassis. There were only 1,546 of this model sold in 1959. These trucks were primarily marketed as work vehicles for corporate, municipal, military, farm and civilian use, so it’s tough to find one in such good shape.”

The Jeep Collection at Omix-ADA was started by company president and founder Al Azadi as a way to preserve the brand heritage by obtaining Jeeps that are significant. While preserving the heritage and history of the Jeeps has always been a priority, having the Jeeps on site is meant to inspire the Omix people to develop products for its customers. Omix-ADA markets parts for Jeeps from the original 1941 military workhorses through current model years.

According to Henk Van Dongen, director of marketing at Omix-ADA, the historic collection is a representation of all the models for which the company offers parts and accessories.

The collection began with three early Jeep prototype vehicles that Azadi obtained from Mark Smith, founder of Jeep Jamboree USA, and it has progressed to include more than 20 rare and unique military and civilian Jeeps ranging from pre-WWII prototypes to modern-day Wranglers.

Starting in July, the 1978 Jeep J-10 and 1959 Jeep FC-150 will join a new rotating display of Jeeps from the collection. While the collection is open to the public, an appointment is needed for tours, which are available on select days and can be arranged by contacting Omix-ADA.


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