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What I would take home from Bonhams Greenwich


A valuable 1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7 is among the offerings at the Greenwich auction | Bonhams
A valuable 1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7 is among the offerings at the Greenwich auction | Bonhams photos

I have attended the Bonhams Greenwich Concours d’ Elegance auction in Connecticut for a number of years now, and I have always found that it has a little something for everyone. This year’s sale has quite a few fantastic cars on offer, many that I would love to take home, as well as an impressive amount of automobilia for sale.

The hardest thing when going through this year’s Bonhams Greenwich catalog was to narrow down my list to only 6-10 cars. The fact that the sale features everything from brass-era cars to some of the latest sports and exotics only works to complicate matters.

So after poring over the catalog, reading all of the descriptions, and looking at all the photographs in the online catalog, here are my picks for the cars I would most like to take home with me.

1946 Volkswagen Beetle
A Beetle? Well most definitely a Beetle, especially this one as it is a first-year production car. The car is not perfect but presentable, and Beetles this early are coming into their own as collectibles. This is the first ’46 I have seen at auction in the US, and it should easily reach its $75,000-$125,000 estimate.
1928 Packard 443
I was taught about Packards by my late friend Edward Herrmann and have grown to appreciate them. The problem is that they are too big to drive and VERY expensive. Then you have this 443 Club Sedan, which is not too big and relatively affordable. The estimate for this nicely finished car is only $45,000-$60,000.
1996 BMW Z3 James Bond Edition
Yes, I own one of these 007 Z3s, and although it may seem self-serving to have this on my list, that is not my motive. A total of 100 of these special 007 editions were produced, and this is one of them. I would not be surprised to see it sell for more than $30,000.
1979 Porsche 928
The Porsche at which 911 people looked down their noses is coming into its own. The 928 is one of the best GT cars ever and these early ones have become quite desirable, with pristine examples changing hands for as much as $40,000. The estimate is only $18,000-$24,000.
1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche
The Corniche Coupe is perhaps the prettiest modern Rolls ever made. Steve McQueen drove one in the original Thomas Crown Affair, and the car just whispers elegance and style. The pre-auction estimate for this “proper motorcar” is only $35,000-$45,000.
1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7
I had one of these many years ago and it was probably my favorite 911 of the 23 that I have owned. This was the pinnacle of the early 911 and prices for these icons continue to rise. This car is a clean driver-level car and would be a steal at the estimate of $550,000-$700,000.
1969 Porsche 911 Carrera RS replica
Or you could buy this. The 1969 911 has been built as a Carrera tribute to make it an affordable compromise, with a built engine, top-tier suspension and brakes, ready for any vintage rally; the owner is rally meister Rich Taylor. The estimate is just $70,000-$90,000.
1958 Fiat-Abarth 750 GT
Last but not least is this stunning Fiat Abarth 750 GT by Zagato. The “double bubble” is the darling of many Italian car aficionados, and prices in the past few years have gone crazy. These are wonderful tour cars and eligible for almost any event. The estimate is conservative at $100,000-$120,000.

For more information on this sale, see the Bonhams website.

Andy Reid
Andy Reid's first car, purchased at age 15, was a 1968 Fiat 124 coupe. His second, obtained by spending his college savings fund, was a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Since then, he has owned more than 150 cars—none of them normal or reasonable—as well as numerous classic motorcycles and scooters. A veteran of film, television, advertising and helping to launch a few Internet-based companies, Reid was a columnist for Classic Motorsports magazine for 12 years and has written for several other publications. He is considered an expert in European sports and luxury cars and is a respected concours judge. He lives in Canton, Connecticut.

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