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Get lost in the ’50s in Sandpoint, Idaho


2014 “Lost in the 50’s” | Photo provided by Lost in the 50’s

The 30th annual “Lost in the 50’s”classic car show takes place May 14-17 in Sandpoint Idaho.

The show begins Thursday, May 14 with “Rock ‘n’Roll Heaven”at the Panida Theater. Other features include a classic carparade with hundreds of classic cars making their way from the local high school through downtown Sandpoint. A car show is scheduled the day after the parade. The final day includes a fun run and car rally through Sandpoint beginning and ending at Second Avenue Pizza.

For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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  1. Before I post my letter I want to say that there are companies like Selkirk Reality that financially supports Lost in the 50’s and others that I don’t know about. I have written this letter in hopes that many of you will comment to the Chamber of Commerce about their lack of support $$.


    We enjoy “Lost In the 50’s in Sandpoint Idaho and it is well attended. Last night we were privileged to see Frankie’s show. It was great! thank you for taking your time to come to Sandpoint Idaho Frankie and the group.

    I do want to say something about Carolyn Gleason (owner of 2nd Ave Pizza in Sandpoint Idaho. This was the 30th year that Carolyn has put on the show. She does everything with the help of her friends (same people every year). The car show has between 500-750 cars that are in the show. The city of Sandpoint benefits: Restaurants, Shops, Theaters, Motel & Hotels…the list goes on. She gets the entertainment every year (see Lost in the 50’s 2015 for the list) The Chamber of Commerce and the businesses that benefit from this show do not contribute to “Lost In The 50’s!!! I know that Carolyn has take HER time to ask them and they could care less.

    They use the media to advertise this wonderful show for their benefit, just look at Sandpoint’s site for example to see how good the city looks as if they are taking credit (the city) for the show. Again, it is the businesses and the people of Sandpoint that get rewarded financially and the people see the parade and enjoy the Friday night FREE street dance. Family’s dress up in the period of the 50’s and enjoy the Saturdays car show.

    Carolyn pays for everything and is now $10,000 in debt! It costs a lot to put on the show: police, security, fairground and other rental costs, T-shirts and so much more. She ORGANIZES everything! I am ashamed of the town of Sandpoint the businesses and the Chamber of Commerce. Every year this event takes so much out of Carolyn.

    If you attended the show and you feel the same about the lack of support financially then please take the time to post on other sites that might get the word out including the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce.

    Think of ways to make things happen for Carolyn and this show….what happens if she stops doing the show? I can tell you, know one can step up and take the losses and the ware and tear that happens to the person who is heading something like this show. It may just be the best run show in the US. Thank you Carolyn Gleason

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