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Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle


Spring Carlisle is an undoubtedly huge event, located on the 150-acre Carlisle Fairgrounds here in Pennsylvania. Now in its 41st year, the Spring Carlisle is a collector and classic car swap meet, car corral and auction that brings together 2,000 cars from all over the East Coast and Canada. It also is the third event of the calendar year for Carlisle Events and marks the beginning of the Carlisle-based show and swap meet season after earlier events in Florida.While the high reached 50 degrees Thursday, snow flurries could be seen and winds were gusting at 20 miles per hour, but the extreme weather conditions didn’t stop the hardcore enthusiasts from coming out to search for either the perfect car or for carrying away a coveted piece for the project back home in a make shift cart made from a dolly with a 5-gallon paint bucket strapped to it with bungee cords.

To escape the Pennsylvania weather I made my way to the auction area, conveniently located inside a warm building. Being based way out west, I tend to see a lot of the same trends or auction cars circulating. This being my first time on the East Coast, everything was new and exciting. I couldn’t help but fantasize that I had just won the lottery and was able to pick out the cars I wanted to take home, but knew I never could. However, window shopping in Carlisle was fun.

, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalWalking into the auction house I was immediately captivated by a cream=colored 1937 Packard 120 C convertible. The car is absolutely stunning no matter how you look at it. One of my favorite things on the car was the whitewall tires.
, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalCatching my attention next was a 1951 Ford F1 in a matte black with black chrome grill complete with gloss black five-spoke wheels. I would imagine it to be difficult to build a truck using so many different gloss levels of black, however, the builder of this truck did a flawless execution.
, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalAlways a sucker for Mustangs, I was pulled into a day dream where I had just won this beautiful red 1970 Ford Mustang. The car was road ready with a 302-cubic-inch V8 and featured its matching ‘born with’ driveline.
, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalSittin’ pretty in bubble gum-like-pink was a 1940 Mercury Super Deluxe that I knew I absolutely had to add to my window-shopping list. The official color of the car is Strawbery Fizz and it has a contrasting Maroon roof, with maroon accents inside the gray interior. The car was also originally commissioned by a movie company in the U.S. to be built for the rock/pop-star Pink.
, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalCatching my eye from inside and prompting me to venture out into the cold was a 1934 Chevrolet Maxium. What did I like about this car? A few simple things: rumble seat, six-CD changer, the bright eye-catching yellow paint job, oh, and the 400-horsepower coming out of the motor.
, Window shopping with Nicole at Spring Carlisle, ClassicCars.com JournalI don’t know what it is about a ’57 Bel Air that just gets me going. This particular car won my affection with it being a Wagon and the beautiful tiffany blue like color with white accents. The grill appeared to be a gold, while the rest of the metal accents remained chrome.
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