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Poll Results: What’s your favorite American V8 engine?


The Question of the Week for the week of March 16th, 2015 asked you what’s your favorite American V8 engine?

You voted and these are the results!

Small & Big Block Chevys40%
Chrysler Hemi26%
Ford Flatheads12%
Studebaker 289 Supercharged4%
Buick Nail Head3%
Chrysler Max Wedge3%

Other answers included:

Ford 302

Boss 429

Oldsmobile 455

Ford 351

Ford Coyote

  1. Nothing worse than walking up to a beautiful 34 ford two door sedan ( or any Ford / Chrysler etc ) & seeing a SBC under the hood .But i am noticing that is starting to change .Not saying there is anything wrong with a SBC , either is there with a SBF or Mopar .I used to hear , the sbc is cheaper, or thats what i had. When the first sbc came along , i was there to watch its progression with the after market industry jumping all over its small size short stroke etc . The momentum increased so much some people just simply took it that was the ONLY motor to go with because of the after market throwing parts at it .The y block Ford really took a back seat, but if one looks today at the y block with mostly back yard tweaking in the beginning , there is an ever increasing after market source towards h.p.for a very stout motor that will REV & breath deeply, street motors are putting out some serious numbers .Not to mention the modern FSB numbers .There are a lot of guys that will agree with this .FORDS FOREVER , if it wasn’t for Ford there would be no hot rods ,

  2. Still waiting for the day you can buy two SBC engines shrink wrapped to a pallet at Costco. You know it’s coming.

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