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‘Imposter’ takes Ridler Award at Detroit Autorama


'Imposter' perhaps, but also the Ridler Award winner | Margaret Hehr photo

‘Imposter’ perhaps, but also the Ridler Award winner | Margaret Hehr photo

A 2008 Chevrolet Corvette posing as a mid-’60s classic Impala drove off with the Ridler Award at the 63rd annual Detroit Autorama. The “Imposter” is owned by Don Both of Abbottsford, British Columbia, and was designed and built by Chip Foose.

Shortened in length by more than a foot, and with its roofline lowered as well, the Foose-modified mid-‘60s Impala body was fit over a C6 Corvette chassis that was purchased just for the build. While the Corvette bodywork was removed, the 6.2-liter engine and much of the interior, including the OnStar system with navigation, were retained. To assure maximized performance potential, Foose added a supercharger to the powertrain.

The car was nicknamed “Imposter” because it’s really a relatively modern Corvette posing as a mid-‘60s automotive classic.

Foose grew up working in his father’s Project Design auto shop and attended the Art Center College of Design. He was involved in creating cars for Hollywood movies and in 1990 went to work for hot-rod builder Boyd Coddington and designed many now-iconic customized vehicles.

Foose was the youngest person — at age 31 — to be inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. Twice his creations have won America’s Most Beautiful Roadster honors. Imposter was the fourth Foose design to win the Ridler Award, though outside the custom car community Foose is best-known as the star of television’s Overhaulin’ series.

Photos by Margaret Hehr

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