Melrose on Seventh Avenue car show

They aren’t highfalutin concours d’elegance.

They aren’t highfalutin concours d’elegance. They aren’t auction sales showcases. They aren’t big traveling circuses a la Goodguys. They aren’t marque-centric events like those staged at Carlisle. They aren’t even car-club gatherings or weekly cruise-ins or those early Saturday morning cliques with cars for your eyes and enough caffeine to wake the deceased.

What they are — and there are dozens of them each week from coast to coast and border to border when the weather permits — are neighborhood events such as the Melrose on Seventh Avenue Street Fair on Saturday, a festival featuring local merchants, artists, crafts, children’s activities, perhaps even a beer garden and a place to adopt a new pet, a stage with live music and, arrayed along the avenue, about a hundred classic or customized cars.

It doesn’t matter that the cars aren’t of concours quality. Their owners take no less pride in showing and sharing them, and they make up in variety of eras, makes and models what they might lack in pure elegance.

But that’s OK, because these aren’t trailer queens but cars that are driven to be enjoyed.

Those of us living well south of the snowbelt get to enjoy such shows through the winter months. Those of you who have spent your winters shoveling your driveways and plowing your roads get to enjoy such shows starting in just a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can see what we saw recently on Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, where one of those local merchants, Chester’s Quality Automotive Service, sponsored the car show.

Photos by Larry Edsall


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