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My Classic Car: Tommy’s 1956 Chevrolet convertible


The '56 Chevy is coming along nicely | Tommy Edwards photo
The ’56 Chevy is coming along nicely | Tommy Edwards photo

I owned this car before going into the service in 1966. I loved this car more than most girls at the time. I would come home on leave and blow the dust out and find a second love to share a ride and maybe a park with us.

Anyway, I had phoned my dad that I was going to come home and take it back to my post since i was furthering my college classes after my duty hours. He said that car wouldn’t make it and I responded and said it had only 36,000 miles on it and ran great. I said I would be coming home that weekend and take it back

When I flew in I found out my dad had sold my car.

Needless the say, I was POed. I took photos of all the cars I had and id numbers in case someone borrowed it. I kept that photo everywhere I went and for 47 years after searching found it in Indianapolis.

I talked to the owner and he was going to restore it but his restorer took off with $50,000 and left the car in pieces. I found it on eBay. Unbelievable!

I checked and he had the right numbers but the car was getting new metal everywhere and had no motor or suspension.

Now it is mostly done, all has painted and the interior done. Best of everything now, just waiting until I can get all my friends to help me finish it.

— Tommy Edwards, Vanleer TN

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  1. Great story of determination, I’m happy that you found her after all these years, I wish I could find my first Vette, but my searches have all turned up no information. It’s good to hear a happy ending once in a while.

  2. Yea for finding your ride I am looking for the 1971 ford torino gt is that a Torino next to the 56 let me know if you want to sell this one I had one and to this day regret parting out with it. Thanks let me know

  3. This is a really a wonderful story.In this story shows your determination and finally you got back your car after a several years.Keep on updating such type of blog .

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