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My Classic Car: Steve’s 1966 Dodge Dart


1966 Dodge Dart posed with P-51 Mustang aircraft | Steve Woods photos
1966 Dodge Dart posed with P-51 Mustang aircraft | Steve Woods photos

I was attending a monthly meeting of the POC (Plymouth Owners Club) and one of our members brought to my attention that in a national magazine (Hemming’s News) someone was selling a Dodge Dart convertible with a SC area code.

When I got home and researched the number I found out it was only 25 miles from my home. Calling, I set up a meeting to look at the car.

Mr. O'Connell would like the way his car looks
Mr. O’Connell would like the way his car looks

I met with the owner, Mrs. Heather O’Connell, a peach of a lady. With tears in her eyes she explained that her husband had purchased the car and sent it away to have some work done on it. He had never driven it and just a few days before it was returned, Mr. O’Connell passed away.

She had kept the car in her garage for the past 13 years, driving it around the block sometimes once a month.

Looking at this car I immediately fell in love with it. A 1966 Dodge Dart with 54,210 original miles, everything works including the AM radio.

I have grand daughters that have also fallen in love with the car, as well as my wife, who has made me promise never to sell it but let’s pass it down to one of our six grand daughters.

The car, just like the sweet lady who owned it, is a peach.

Driving it always brings so many waves, horns blowing and people coming up to it. It is now a member of our family with Mr. O’Connell smiling down on it, wishing he could have driven it but still proud of his purchase.

— Steve Woods, Charleston SC

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