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What is the most lovable classic car?


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ClassicCars.com is feeling the love, but we wondered which is the most lovable classic car? Here are some we find so cute you can’t help but love them. Ah, but which one do you love the most?  Use our Question of the Week poll to vote.

Volkswagen Beetle
Hello, Love Bug. Cupid called. He says you need to give us our heart back. Not only does it look like a giant bubbly bug, but when you look directly at it, it smiles — dare we say flirts? — back at you.
BMW Isetta
Rewind a few years to when the show Family Matters was on television. This is the car Steve Urkel drove. He was the geek with the impossibly annoying voice that you couldn't help but love, unless you were Laura, the girl next door.
Bug- or Frog-eye Sprite
It doesn’’t take much to love this Austin Healey Sprite. Whenever you see the car, it’s like a warm greeting with a familiar face. This car is perfect for your Valentine because it’s impossible to resist.
Porsche 356 convertible
It’s got just the right kind of body lines and curves to drive you crazy. Our license would for sure get suspended because this car drives us so crazy and begs to be driven.
Citroen 2CV
This Citroen 2CV has those round lines that make a car cute in an awkward way. It kind of looks like some amphibious swamp creature you want to take home with you. Someone needs to call life alert because we have fallen for this car and can’t get back up.
Nash Metropolitan
The Nash Metropolitan has been driven by the king, Elvis Presley, yet also is notoriously a 50’s housewife mobile. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better and that’s definitely the case with this sweet ride.
Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 is awesome because its foreign and exotic. Your sweetheart will swoon over this car when you bring it home because its an unexpected choice of a loveable car.
Mini Cooper (original 1960s version)
Pint sized and with an adorable look, ‘60s Mini Coopers are fun little rocket ships to drive. We aren’t photographers over here, but we can definitely picture us together on a long drive or a valentines date.
First-gen Rambler American
The first-gen Rambler American is a unique little car with some edgy lines. That body gives this little car the character it needs to pack a punch. We’d definitely love to run up the mileage.
Studebaker Lark
If you want something sweet, it’s right here. Look no further than the Studebaker Lark for a fun, lovable car. Why do we like it? Because it is a work of art in its own right and only gets better with age.

  1. Morris Minor is undoubtedly a lovable car and we were most likely remiss in not including it here. We even have a British Isles native among the decision makers here. In our defense, we faced a wealth of riches in compiling this list and made quite a few cuts, and we tried not to be duplicative. There are two very lovable Brits on this list, the Bugeye/Frogeye Sprite and the Mini, and I can think of several other English cars that could have made the cut. I once owned a fine 1957 Hillman Husky 2-door wagon that was totally loveable. How about the Ford Anglia? Or MGB? See, it’s not easy.

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