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My Classic Car: Mike’s 1956 Buick Special


Mike's Buick was red and white
Mike’s Buick was red and white

I had owned a 1956 Buick Special when I was sophomore in college. It was a slick car and I kept it until my senior year.

I wish I never sold it and I am looking to find it again, but I do not know where to start. If I can’t find the same car, I would like to find to buy one like it.

My 1956 Buick Special was two-tone red and white and red inside, and in immaculate condition. It looked like new. (The car in the photos isn’t mine, but it reminds me of mine.)

I parked it on the hill on a paved street in front of the boys dorm. The next building was the girls dorm and the most beautiful girls on the campus would come asking me for the keys.

I gave them the keys without any hesitation. They would go to the hamburger stand near the campus. People would ask me how many girl friends I had, and who the pretty blonde who was driving my car?

This car always bring me good memories during my youth in college. I really want to find and restore it.

Mike Rubaly, Beaumont TX

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  1. I to had a 56 Buick special, 2 door red and white, My Dad flew to Detroit to pick it up and drive back to Ca. I remember it got a short in the wiring and every time we turned the corner the horn would honk, we decided it was a guy magnet. In 62 my Dad bought me a new Buick Skylark, Black with White leather interior . I got voter best car in my senior year, but the guys protested so they made a division for Girl best car. In 65 I bought a GTO gunmetal gray . I now own two 57 Chevy’s, A white Bel Air that i just finished a full restoration on appraised at 60k and a 210 that I am debating on keeping or selling, a 56 Chevy, all have 350 GM crates in them. a black 95 Camero Z28 dragster, a Turbo Grand Am and a black GMC standard cab step side, that i get followed into the station all the time asking to buy. I just had my 50 year class of 64 reunion and the guys were still protesting my autos, as they drive 4 door family cars. My Dad was a car guy and passed the Passion along to me.
    Single female in Calif.

  2. WOW Terry that is an awesome story. The checy’s you have now sound awesome. I loved all those cars you mentioned. The wire that went to the steering wheel for the horn came loose. That’s why the horn blew when you made turns. Thank you for sharing. I loved readings your story


  3. I have to laugh a little because I had a red and white 4 door 56 Buick in 1968. I was 18 and it was my first car. It had a short in it too and would honk when I turned a corner!

  4. My first car was the same 4 dr. 55 as in the picture except white. Once the horn would blow when I hit a bump. It turned out to be a wire on top of the left inner fender mounted horn relay that the hood would short out over bumps. I bought it for $300 with 88,000 miles in 1966. The first weekend I did a much needed valve job. It would top out at an indicated 110mph. In1968 with 144,000 on it I swapped it in on a ’62 deuce and a quarter. I still drive a ’96 Roadmaster and a 2007 Rainier V-8.

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