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Window shopping with Nicole at Russo and Steele


I didn’t really know what to expect Wednesday at Russo and Steele, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of muscle cars available at the auction.

Among the high-powered classic monsters were modern cars, and nearly everything had been modified from stock. Blame it on being a young enthusiast or a race car driver, but I think modifications make everything cooler.

Here are the cars I picked and why:

1965 Ford Mustang “Hertz Recreation” fastback
This is my favorite year of my favorite car. It’s just beautiful and it being a fastback doesn’t hurt either. I love the red paint, and the gold stripes makes this car interesting. The hood scope gives it that classic muscle car feel.
1932 Ford Hi Boy roadster
I love hot rods and this Hi Boy roadster is awesome. This car was owned and raced by Sidewinders club member Major Gilbert and over the years changed hands to Peter Hischier, who worked for Gene Winfield, a custom car great. Winfield preformed most of the customizations. This car has been featured in the April 1964 issue of Hot Rod, the Spring 1964 issue of Hot cars and October 1972 Street Rod.
1968 Chevrolet Camaro Pro-Street coupe
One look at this car and you can see why I picked it: it has got cool stuff coming out of the hood. I’m not typically a fan of Camaros, however, the deep-dish race wheels and that aggressive stance makes this one of the cars I want to take home.
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle coupe
Chevelles have always had a special place in my heart and this one is no exception. A true Resto-mod, this Chevelle just looks absolutely sinful. Complete with a Gun Silver paint job and SS ghost stripes, smoky headlights, and deep-dish wheels, this car screams, “take me down the drag strip!” What’s going to get you to the finish line is a 383 stroker with 450 horsepower.
1995 BMW M3 CSL “Coupe Sport Light”
This is one of those cars that is so rare a find you just want to max out your credit card to have it. To the untrained eye it looks just like a regular BMW M3. However, this M3 is also a CLS coupe. CLS stands for “Coupe Sport Light” which makes this the rarest of the late model M3s. only 120-125 were produced in 1995 and of that 85 made it to the states.
1969 Mini Cooper
What I love about this car is that it is full of surprises. Wide body kits and fender flairs are all the rage these days and it was awesome to see it done to a classic Mini Cooper. With such an awesome body you have to wonder what makes this car go, and surprise, surprise, it’s a VTec B16 Honda drivetrain conversion. By far the most unique, this Mini Cooper hits the spot.


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