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My Classic Car: Fox family’s 1969 Pontiac Trans Am


The 1969 Trans Am | Fox Family photo
The 1969 Trans Am | Fox Family photo

This story started in 1994. I had heard that dealership that was close by was selling out and closing the doors. Someone had told me that they had some old Pontiac dealer signs that they were going to sell. I have been a sign collector for a long time and had a soft spot in my heart for Pontiac.

So I called one of the brothers that owned the dealership, it was in Valdese, North Carolina, and he gave me a date and time to meet with him and look at the signs. My wife and son went with me on that day.

When we got there, my wife and myself went with the owner to look at the signs downstairs. My son stayed upstairs and said he would look around and wait on us. What he had came across was some old cars that were in another room next to the old showroom of the business. One car had a car cover on it.

My wife and myself had no idea what my son had found upstairs. We bought the signs and were working on a time to come back and pick them up.

When we got back upstairs my son came to us and said you are going to believe what I found. He said follow me and we went to the room that had the cars in it. There was a 1965 GTO convertible, a 1962 Corvair pickup, 1962 356 Porsche, but the one that had the cover on it was best of all — a 1969 Trans Am.

We looked at all of the cars over and asked if these cars were for sale. The brother told us that all the cars belonged to his brother, the other owner of the dealership, but he would ask and let us know.

A period of time went by. Finally one morning I got a phone call and it was the owner of the cars. He told me that they were all for sale and we agreed on a time to meet. There were many people asking about the cars, but we were the first.

We got to the dealership, my wife and son and myself. He asked what we were interested. The Trans Am was the pick for all of us. We would have liked to have all of them, but money, you know.

My son and myself took the Trans Am for a drive. When we got back were talking with the owner about the price for the ar I noticed my wife was talking to a man and a woman in the showroom. The man looked upset and he stormed out after saying something to the woman he was with him. My wife told us later that the man told her that he was there to talk with the owner about buying the Trans Am and had been asked to be there the previous day but couldn’t make it.

I asked my wife why the guy left so mad. She told us that she told him that the Trans Am was already sold, that we had just bought it.

And that was when the blamed the woman that was with him for missing out on the deal because he could not come the day before.

But it all worked out good for all of us. We got all of the dealership signs and the Trans Am and to this day we still have them.

— Tommy Fox, Mooresville NC

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