Poll Results: What age were you when you bought your first classic car?


The Question of the Week for the week of November 10th , 2014 asked you what age your were when you bought your first classic car?

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  1. 17, 1933 Terraplane “8” Rumbleseat Coupe and a 1938 LaSalle Opera Coupe. Both were black in color. The Terraplane was an early factory muscle machine.

  2. 1st- 67 ford galaxie 500 16 yrs old
    2nd- 67 camaro rs 16 1/2 yrs old
    3rd- 68 roadrunner 17 yrs old (traded the camaro because of a 130mph joy ride)
    26th- 65 galaxie 500 convertible 57 yrs young 2 months ago

  3. my first car at 15& 12 was a 57 2 door post chev then 63 409 then 68 426 road runner and for the next ten years at least 2 dozen more I like the change now after 40 years I’m building my last a 40 merc custom

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