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Autumn-mobiles: Celebrating classic cars in classic North Carolina scenery


Our State October 2014 Photo Essay

‘Autumn-mobiles’ is the title of a special photo feature in the October issue of Our State: North Carolina magazine, which asked the ClassicCars.com blog if we might like to reprint the 13 images, each of which spread over two full pages of the magazine. Needless to say, we are thrilled to share these amazing images of classic cars and scenery with visitors to our blog.

“We’re celebrating left-turning season with head-turning car,” the magazine’s introductory text read. “Our kaleidoscope of classic autos beg for an autumn day made for a show-off cruise. Admire and desire these retro beauties as they meander along hairpin curves and purr past mountain vistas.

“To capture the tradition of a joyride in the mountains, we enlisted photographer Emily Chaplin, a Charlotte native with ties to Asheville. Emily spent 10 days in the mountains working solo — no assistant, other than the helpful car owners, who were incredibly generous with their time and prized possession.

“On a number of occasions, I rode in the passenger side of the car on the way to our shoot locations,” Emily says, “and something I found surprising (thought I shouldn’t have) and wonderful was how many smiles, thumbs-up, cheers and wars we received — from pedestrians, other drivers, cyclists.”

“For this essay, Emily shot 1,936 pictures and photographed 27 different cars. We couldn’t showcase them all here, but we hope you’ll visit ourstate.com/mountain-cars for more.”

The photo essay by Emily Chaplin was just part of a special section on Autumn Road Trips in the magazine’s annual Mountain Issue. To see more photography by Emily Chaplin, visit her website.

(This article was reproduced with permission from Our State magazine.)

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