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Eye Candy: Hershey Swap Meet


Photos by Dennis David

For the classic car community, this is the Super Bowl, World Series, Master’s Tournament, and the Daytona 500 rolled into one: The biggest car show and swap meet on the face of the planet. If you need a starter for a 1934 Hudson, you’ll find it at Hershey. If you need a headlight switch for a 1941 DeSoto, you’ll find it at Hershey. If you need absolutely nothing, you’ll come home with something you can’t live without. Indeed, there is no other show on earth that features more parts and more cars in the same place.

The show this year again fulfilled all expectations, with the weather cooperating for most of the week. Opening day Tuesday enjoyed sunny skies with slightly cool and comfortable temperatures throughout the week. Saturday dawned with a slight drizzle, but skies had once again cleared by mid-morning.

Several hardy vendors saw things through to the bitter end and one even remarked that Saturday tended to be the best day as the other vendors leave and there’s a lot of customers that are still walking around.

Hershey is also the time of year when old friends get together. The show draws people from all over the globe with countries such as England, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, and Sweden all represented.

Also present are the various marque clubs where members gather to swap stories about the latest acquisitions or restorations. This year’s show featured clubs from DeSoto, Rolls-Royce, MG, Chevrolet, Ford, Auburn, Hudson, Cadillac, Buick, Austin Healey, Packard, Chrysler, as well as any other marque that was ever built.

There are hospitality tents from clubs like the Antique Automobile Club of America, the Classic Car Club of America, and the Society of Automotive Historians as well. In the spirit of comradely, many clubs offer members a place to rest and even a few treats as well.

If you’ve never been to Hershey it’s time to get on the road. Next year’s event takes place during the week of October 7-10.

If you’re looking for that rare part or just looking to meet a few friends with similar interests, the annual fall AACA meet at Hershey is must for any car collector enthusiast.


Dennis David
Dennis David
Dennis David is a technology teacher and a professional writer for the collector car industry. He has been writing for 25 years and has authored hundreds of magazine articles. His current work involves writing catalogs for several collector car auction companies. In between writing assignments he does research and judging tabulations for some of the nation's best concours shows. Dennis has also written five books on antique toys and automobiles. He lives in Northwestern, Connecticut and his current stable of collector vehicles includes a Corvette, a Harley Davidson, and a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II. For more information visit www.dennisdavidauto.com


  1. A friend recently sold a ’54 Jaguar 140 (Maybe a 120) roadster for $11,000 and it was all there!! Kind of makes that $35K one at Hersey look a tad expensive!! I drove my buddy’s Jag years ago when I was at university and it just needed a water pump then. It was stored outside under a canvas tarp for years and then put inside when he and his wife bought a townhouse. The guy who bought it flipped it almost immediately and I bet it will end up as a $60,000 restoration. Oh well, I didn’t have the time or dough to do the car anyway!

    • I don’t care for the guys who are offering low bucks for a bitchen o’l ride, then trying to flip it to make a profit off the guy who built it.
      I made a few low offers but the guy refused to sell it to me because he thought I would turn it over to make a few bucks. I would like an o’l rod of some kind but I offer low because I’m 73 yrs and don’t have a lot of $. I want one to drive again for o’l times sake and not to flip it to make bad money, the builder would be hurt.

  2. To robertwbrock if you need it Hershey has it, how many do you want.Happy hunting.Should have decent weather this year,2015

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