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My Classic Car: Rod’s 1965 Ford Thunderbird


Photo taken the day Ernie handed the keys to Rod | Rod Dahlgren archives
Photo taken the day Ernie handed the keys to Rod | Rod Dahlgren archives

The Story of this 1965 Thunderbird, as told by the original owner, Ernie Farrow:

After operating a 20-acre fruit ranch on Partrick Road in Napa, California, for many years, where we also raised and sold great dane show dogs, we decided to sell the ranch and move into town. We had a new home built on a hilltop in the Browns Valley area. As it neared completion, we realized that we would be unable to fence the sloping hillside lot to contain our four great dane show dogs.

After much discussion with my wife, she agreed to give up the four dogs in exchange for a new Lincoln Continental. We visited the local Lincoln – Thunderbird dealership and she fell in love with this “Dusty Rose” machine with black leather interior. It fit her perfectly and became her car for one dollar a pound (we paid $4,000 for this 4,000-pound T-Bird)

It has always been garaged, never smoked in! Few passengers have ever sat in the back seat. It has been driven an average of 800 miles per year for the past 28 years.

My wife had no idea the Thunderbird was made by Ford. Over the first few months of ownership, we received small gifts in the mail from Ford. One day, my wife noticed at the bottom of one of the letter, “Product of Ford Motor Company” and she asked why that was on the letter. I told her who made the car and she was shocked. I told her Ford also made the Lincolns we had owned before buying her Thunderbird. One of the gifts was a 1/24th scale model of the Thunderbird with an A/M radio inside. I carefully put all these items away for the future.

We traveled extensively in the ‘70 and ’80s in our motorhome and the T-Bird was at home in the garage and up on jack stands.

In April of 2007, I decided the Thunderbird needed to be protected and not used as a regular daily car. I placed the car in the care of Rod Dahlgren, who I trust will care for it for years to come.

— Rod Dahlgren, Napa CA

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