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My Classic Car: John’s 1955 Chevrolet 210


Years later, a car like dad's | John Hurst photo
Years later, a car like dad’s | John Hurst photo

When I first tried driving, my father had a ’55 Chevy. I would watch him drive and figured I could do that. The car had your common three on the tree. This was around 1964. I was 14 at the time.

The car had a key lock so you could take the key out without locking the car. My father would always forget to lock the key switch, so I would slip out when he was sleeping and drive around the neighborhood.

As I got better, I would go farther.

I always wondered if he knew, but he never said a thing.

After my father passed away, I thought I would get me one of those old ’55 Chevys. It’s great driving it around and watching people’s eyes as you pass by. People love the old cars, even if they’re just watching them go by.

— John Hurst, Overland MO

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