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My Classic Car: Dan’s 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/Z28


Previous owner needed to sell car to pay for his children's weddings | Dale Baker photos
Previous owner needed to sell car to pay for his children’s weddings | Dale Baker photos

I first saw this Chevrolet Camaro in July, 2001, at a cruise night in Dorr, Michigan. Classic cars gathered there every Thursday on the lawn at an ice cream place called The Dairy Barn. I usually checked out the cars that showed up.

Usually there were at least 25-30 cars, but one night I remember over 200.

This night in 2001 I walked by this white Camaro with black stripes and blue interior. The owner, “Lou,” was sitting in a lawn chair behind the car. I commented that his car had Z28 stripes.

He responded “It is a Z28!”

I asked where it was sold new? He answered “Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids” and took the owner packet with the original manuals and protectoplate out of the trunk and showed me.

He said he had a son and daughter both planning to get married and would like to sell the car. He wanted way more than my budget would allow.

The next day I stopped at Berger Chevrolet and asked to see R. Dale Berger. I inquired as to how many Z28’s they sold in ’67.

“Only one” he replied. “It was white with blue interior and I remember the buyer complained about the gas mileage it got.”

Performance-oriented Chevy dealer sold only one '67 RS/Z28
Performance-oriented Chevy dealer sold only one ’67 RS/Z28

He told me he received a call around Christmas, 1966, from Vince Piggins of the Chevrolet Motor Division telling him about this exciting new Z28 Camaro, a Trans-Am Race car they were going to build. Berger said he ordered this white RS/Z28 with no radio, a cowl plenum air cleaner, tach/gauges and a special 4:10 12-bolt posi rear. It is one of only 210 RS/Z28 Camaros built that first year.

Dale tried to order more Z28’s, but it was too late in the model year. He ended up getting a large order of ’68 Z28’s that fall.

I agreed to a deal with Lou on this ’67 in Feb,2002. We did a payment plan and I brought him funds every month as I sold off other cars and motorcycles. I paid the balance on a Friday in August, 2002, and brought the car straight to the Berger Chevy All Chevy Show that day. The show is held annually the Saturday of the third week of August during the Grand Rapids Metro Cruise.

I belong to the West Michigan Camaro Club and am proud to say that this local piece of muscle car history still cruises over to 2525 28th Street in Grand Rapids where Berger Chevrolet (founded in 1925) has been located since 1965.

I collect ’60s muscle cars. This Berger 1967 Z28 has always been a favorite and I feel blessed and honored to be it’s caretaker. Thanks to Lou!

— Dan Baker, Caledonia MI

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  1. it must be nice to own one of so few i always would like to know how many real z are still around

    • The first Generation Camaro Z/28 is the most copied and cloned car out there. (particularly 69). By year they 602 for 67, 7,199 in 68, and 20,302 in 69. To find one with the original drive train these days can be hard to do. I would guesstimate about half of the originals are still out there today with there original motors, but this may be hopeful thinking.

      For 69 in particular, while the factory only made 20,302, it seems like there are 50,000 of them now.

  2. Any idea how I might get in touch with Mr. Baker? I pulled this car out of a barn in pieces in the late 70’s and would love to see it again. I had no idea it was so close by. The car looks the same as it did the last time I saw it right down to the plates.

  3. I really like the car. I wonder when the rear spoiler was added?

    I would agree with the 69 production figures from Harold. Although, I would guess at most 1/3 have there original drivetrain.

    Do you have any pics of it from the 70’s ?

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