My Classic Car: Curt’s 1969 Ford Mustang Grande

This 1969 Ford Mustang Grande is now a showpiece | Curt Wright photo
This 1969 Ford Mustang Grande is now a showpiece | Curt Wright photo

About a year and half ago, I drove to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in search of a Mustang and found a Jade Green 1969 Grande, 351 V8 for sale. I kind of knew from the start it would be my project car.

I loved the color and wheels — classic star chrome wheels — and all black interior.

Well, as early as June 2013 I started work on my stallion. First, I had the under carriage cleaned of all gunk and replace all hoses. I replaced the timing chain, battery, starter, voltage regulator, alternator, headliner, installed a new crate engine, JBA chrome tip headers, Flowmaster exhaust, new hood and Mach 1 scoop, and a transmission shift kit.

I thoroughly cleaned the firewall and engine compartment and then painted it with five coats of flat black. I repainted trunk and had it air brushed with yellow Master Sergeant Stripes in 3D.

I repainted the hood. I added new chrome Mustang-emblem seat belts. All this took about a year and six months.

I love my Mustang (Stallion now) and take much pride of the ‘stang inside and out and under the hood.

I currently cruise and go to local car shows in Virginia and West Virginia in a stallion that pulls about 400 horsepower, has a throaty roar and throws your head back against the seat.

— Curt R. Wright, Arlington VA

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