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My Classic Car: Carl’s 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire


The 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire | Carl Barringham photos
The 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire | Carl Barringham photos

I drove a 1961 Starfire for 30 years. I paid $75.00 for it because it didn’t run. When it got too hard to find parts, I parked it. Finally, the kids talked me into selling it. I knew I would cry.

About 10 years later I retired and found a 1965 Starfire. I didn’t know they made a ’65; I thought ’64 was the last one.

I had to have it, even if it had been in a box for 30 years and, boy, was it bad. I rebuilt it. I call it the squigmobile, for my granddaughter, because it’s hers when I’m gone.

The '61
The ’61

But I still wanted my 1961 back, so I kept looking. The first one was in pieces. The second one was all there but not used and setting outside. So I build both off them.

Then I found 1963 Starfire shell. You guessed it.

These are all convertibles and now I have four.

Now what do I do with all the parts I have collected? I buy a 1962 Starfire. That makes five.

The '63
The ’63

Mother says one more and you’re committed to the funny farm. So I bought her a Corvette. She loves it so much I think she may forget about the funny farm.

— Carl Barringham, Boise ID

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  1. I am a very proud owner of a very rare 65 Starfire that is almost5 fully optioned with the factory 4 on the floor. Bought from Ms. Sherry Fox in Reno Nev. The car is getting a minor restoration now. Target red with the white interior top and parade boot. A stunning example of Olds technology. Mine is #7 of the 10 C.O.P.O. cars ordered by G.M. to sit in the lobby of the top 10 dealerships. there were only 17 produced. She sits next to my 61 Olds Starfire that has every option except Autrronic eye. Both cars are all original in every way and numbers matching.

  2. I once owned a 62 Starfire 2 door hardtop. I was a young pup back then, i think it was about 71, so I was in my early to mid 20’s. I saw the car advertised in the Tacoma, Washington newspaper. I called the guy, I went over to his place and bought the car $125. It had chrome reversed wheels with baby moons which were cool in those days. The car was white with red interior. The motor was sluggish and the trans was slow shifting. I drove it until it died, then sold it.

  3. I believe the ’61 and “62 convertibles are the most beautiful cars ever built. I never had one but it remains the car of my dreams

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