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My Classic Car: Danny’s Dad’s Hudson Hornet


Danny, his dad and the Hudson | Danny Schumer photo
Danny, his dad and the Hudson | Danny Schumer photo

The year was approximately 1952. We were living in Missouri. I can remember sitting in the front seat, looking out the side window. I could just barely see over the window sill. I probably looked like Killroy. To me, at the time, it was a big car.

I can still remember the smell of the mohair when I get around old cars today.

That is my dad washing the Hudson. He always said that it was the best car he ever owned.

I have no idea what I have in my hands but I think we are at a beach on the Meramec River just out of St Louis.

I’m also not sure about the model year of the Hudson.

— Danny Schumer, Bowling Green KY

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  1. Very nice story Danny In 1952 I wasn’t even born yet! The Hudson Hornets were cool looking cars

  2. Myu Dad had a 48 Commodore 8. He was heading home from California in his Cadillac Fastback near empty highways of that day when he noticed a car in the rear view mirror of his ’47. It kept creeping up. Each time Dad gave the Cad more gas. Ultimately the Hudson caught up and passed Dad at about 100. Dad sped up to 105 and passed the Hudson. The Hudson responded by kicking it up. Dad slammed the gas pedal to the floor and found the Cad couldn’t do no more as he watched the tail lights of the Hudson disappear. He stopped in Seattle and traded the Cadillac in on the 48 Hudson. He continued home to Fairbanks, AK. He took it over to the Territorial Police so they could look at the grill/front
    end. He told them he wanted them to know how pretty the car was because they would never see the front end otherwise. The next round of Territorial Police cars where Hudson Hornets. They had been running Mercury sedans and some Fords, the top speed of which was 99.

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