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My Classic Car: Jeff’s 1968 Plymouth Barracuda


This '68 is the second 'Cuda I've owned | Jeff Ernst photos
This ’68 is the second ‘Cuda I’ve owned | Jeff Ernst photos

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Plymouth Barracuda (1964 – 2014) , as well as the Ford Mustang.  Both are great classic muscle cars.

I happen to own a 1968 Barracuda Fastback, 318 V8, original factory air conditioning.  I purchased it while “fishing” for barracuda on Long Island last Thanksgiving.

After 33 years, I landed my second fish
After 33 years, I landed my second fish

It took me 33 years to “land” my second awesome fish: My first car was a 1967 Barracuda fastback, purchased way back in 1973 near Hershey, Pennsylvania, for $874.00.  That one had only 74,000 miles on a 273 V8 and ran like a dream.

I’d just got her re-painted when a couple T-boned me near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I was heartbroken.

Long story short: I now am a proud owner of my ’68 and just took her to our first car show.

This car was restored in 2001 and was owned by a collector with 17 classic automobiles on Long Island.  It was kept in dry storage in a garage, so thankfully there is no rust.

The exterior is Mopar Alpine White with Blue interior and an automatic on the console.  A mild racing cam adds to enjoyment of an awesome ride in what I call my “Blast from the Past.”

Look out: ‘Cuda comin’ through!

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  1. I so miss the 1969 Barracuda Fastback I use to have. I got it from my best friend while I was in the marines and tore it down and rebuilt it with my dad’s help and some of my good friends. It was jet black and had a 340 engine that had a mild cam put in . I also had one of my friends install a trick shift kit into it. It was a monster when it was done and once I had the new motor broke in I took the speedo which showed up to 150 to 150 and a little beyond but just once! I eventually traded it at a Virginia car dealer near the Quantico Marine base for a 72 Dodge Demon that had a 340 engine. I wish that now that I am retired I could locate that car again it would give me great joy and piece of mind to be able to have it back again even just to honor my dad and my friends who put so much time in helping me make up my dream machine. Thanks Mark Hodson

  2. Brother, I’ve been in your shoes with the same type of situation, but it was a 1969 Dodge Charger RT. Factory 4-speed, 4:10 9 3/4″ Dana, and the 375 HP 440 engine. I miss my baby. Anyway, what brought me to this page is I’m trying to close a deal on a ’68 Barracuda right now. I hope I can make it as nice as yours is. Beautiful ride you have there. BTW, the price on ‘my’ Cuda is $2800.00. Needs some work. I hope you can locate your old car, good luck.

  3. I have a 68 Formula ” S ” and want to see it Restored to its former Beauty.. It has a second engine 440 – Automatic,, but still have the Original 383 magnum… She runs but could run better.. Interested drop me a note.. Bob [email protected]

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