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Swisstrax, the modern alternative to epoxy


When it comes to the world of garage flooring solutions, epoxy coatings have long been the go to for many individuals looking to improve the look of their floors.

Whether an adventurous car buff decides to brave the process alone, or the less tenacious acquire a more skilled technician, this process is anything but simplistic. Even if every step is executed perfectly, the end results can (and unfortunately often times do) fail to hold up to most homeowner’s long term expectations.

Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage

The perfect example of this can be seen in Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage. It was expected that the flooring underneath this exquisite collection of automobiles would perform to the highest of standards, especially after investing tens of thousands of dollars into the coating. Unfortunately, like many epoxy floors before it, the Big Dog Garage floor began to show major sign of damage. From leaking brake fluids to hot tires, the crew would go through the daunting process of repairing the floor…over and over and over….finding that is was only a temporary solution. The question then became, “If not epoxy, what other viable options are available to transform an existing garage floor?” The answer was simple….Swisstrax Modular Flooring.

Swisstrax Modular Flooring tiles are quick and easy to install, even for the average homeowner. In fact, one individual could easily complete a 2 car garage in a matter of a few hours – start to finish. No prep work is required and no chemicals or adhesives are needed. Whether a problematic floor presents cracks, stains or moisture issues, the Swisstrax system is designed to perform to the fullest. If existing flooring conditions are less than ideal, the prep work required for an epoxy coating is anything but quick, simple and easy. Typically, sandblasting or chemical treatments are imperative yet still may not guarantee long term effectiveness.

“After researching every option to cover my concrete garage floor, it was obvious to me that Swisstrax was the way to go. Easier to install and maintain than epoxy and no other modular tile company came close to their quality!” – Ken Smith, Palm Desert, CA 

Shelby Floor
Shelby Swisstrax floor

The tiles are composed of a high grade Polypropylene plastic, which is impervious to most common automotive fluids, such as brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, even battery acid. It is also highly stain resistant, insuring that those unsightly “hot tire marks” need not be an issue. With up to 19 different colors to choose from, individuals can achieve a unique, custom look that wouldn’t be possible with traditional floor coverings like epoxy. In addition to being able to create a one of a kind color design, Swisstrax systems also offers custom “logo tiles” that can be incorporated into the layout. The beauty of this “floating floor” is it can be transported anywhere. This investment can travel from location to location, insuring the creator will continue to enjoy the benefits for many, many years to come.

For more information or to receive samples call 866-748-7940.

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