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My Classic Car: Dale Grim’s 1965 Ford Mustang


British badges on a Ford Mustang? | Photos by Larry Edsall
British badges on a Ford Mustang? | Photos by Larry Edsall

I was born in Dearborn, Mich., on July 26, 1965. I was among the last of the Mustangs built in the 1965 model year. My original owner purchased me from the only Ford dealer in Rantoul, Ill., in August of that year.

In 1967 I moved to Lakenheath, England. I traveled the English countryside and to London many times. I even saw the Queen once! I have cruised the German Autobahn with the finest German autos. My handling package helped me climb the Swiss Alps safely and my bright red color and sleek fastback design brought me much attention on the streets of Paris.

In 1976 a friend of my current owner purchased me from my original owner and brought me back to the United States. In 1977 I was repainted my original color. I moved to Arizona and was adopted by my current owner in 1978. At that time I had just over 100,000 miles with only a valve job on my engine. I soon started on my first motor/transmission transplant.britstang2

I retired in1982 with 200,000 miles of daily transportation. Over the next 10 years end though I came out only for pleasure drives, time was taking its toll on me. So after a year of indecision and potential replacement search, my loyal owner decided to keep me and give me a new lease on life.

Jim Smart, editor of Mustangs and Fords, defined the process of maintaining a stock appearance with better-than-original performance on the road as a “restification,” now known as “restromod.”

My restored process went from October 1993 to May 1994. I am now on my “second 30 years” and plan to outlive my owner!

“Loyal” owner Dale Grim adds some details to the car’s story: The Mustang went to England with a fellow member of the U.S. Air Force. The original owner sold it to another airman, who eventually brought it back to the U.S. when stations at Williams Air Force Base near Phoenix, where Grim, also in the Air Force, saw the car and eventually bought the car. Grim has driven 46,000 miles since the 1994 restoration, shows it frequently, and already has made plans to be at the Mustang 50th anniversary celebration this year in Las Vegas.


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