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Tiny, pricey roadster built as classic Aston Martin


The DB Junior’s composite body is made to resemble a classic Aston Martin. (Photo: Nicholas Mee & Co.)
The DB Junior’s composite body resembles an Aston Martin DB5. (Photos: Nicholas Mee & Co.)


Searching for just the right premium motorcar to suit the discriminating taste of your 10 year old?

Well, look no further, for a British classic car dealer is offering a tiny but functional automobile styled after a vintage Aston Martin roadster that’s certain to suit the most aristocratic of youngsters.

Price tag for the DB Junior approaches $26,000 US. (Photo: Nicholas Mee & Co.)
Price tag for the DB Junior approaches $26,000 U.S.

With the styling of a classic Aston Martin DB5 drophead from the 1960s, the DB Junior is a half-size single seater powered by a 110cc four-stroke engine, three-speed semi-automatic transmission and hydraulic disc brakes. Top speed (which can be adjusted downward by concerned parents) is an impressive 46 mph.

Just the thing for a young lord to tour the grounds of Downton Abbey. Or for an imaginary James Bond adventure in miniature.

The price tag is nearly $26,000 U.S., which would buy a real-life vehicle for most folks.

The little cars are being marketed by Nicholas Mee & Co., Aston Martin Heritage Dealer in West London. A spokesman for the dealer noted that they are built by a British-owned company in Asia and are not in any way associated with the Aston Martin car company of Gaydon, England, the legendary automaker that builds the genuine article.

“When we first saw the DB Junior we couldn’t stop smiling,” said Nicholas Mee, managing director of the dealership. “We then realized that these scaled-down 1960s convertibles would complement full-sized offerings here in our showrooms.”

Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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