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My Classic Car: Cassie’s 1968 Chevelle Concours


my chevy

I may be a girl, I may be 19, but I have the most badass car a girl my age could own. I own a 1968 Chevy Chevelle Concours. It’s an automatic with a 307 cubic inch. It’s not a big motor but it’s estimated it has about 200 horsepower, which is better then any of my friends’ Toyotas or Hondas.

I got it from Quartz Hill by Palmdale, Calif., when it was a “junker.” On blocks, with more dents then you could count and a hole in the roof and animals living inside it and no engine. The guy was just selling it for some money for his son’s college education.

I saw it and I fell in love.

It was a fixer upper, but being my dad was a mechanic and I was 14 and ready to work.

Me, my dad and the whole neighborhood spent hours well into the nights and every weekend building it. I had a vision. It would be the Tigger Car Part II, a tribute to what my mom drove when I was younger, a 1972 orange Chevelle with black SS stripes dubbed the Tigger Car after the cartoon tiger in Winnie the Pooh.

Of course it didn’t turn out exactly like that, but it turned out great!

I was 15 1/2 when we took the car down to its first show. I was in young rodders category at a local show. While the car barely ran and had no paint or interior done on balding tires, I won first place.

Two years later I sent it off for paint, coming back a bright hugger orange and a vinyl top with no dents and beautiful.

We continued to fix it and when I turned 17 I drove it for the first time. It was amazing! I took that car around the block by myself and I saw how much work and effort everyone put into it and I loved it.

What really touches me is that I can drive my car anywhere now and be reminded that this may be my car, but honestly it’s everyone’s car. My dad and his friends and the whole neighborhood, we’re all one big family and almost every part came from one of them. I wouldn’t be anywhere if I didn’t have my “car family,” which is really what classic cars build, not a car but a memento and a tribute to the love and strength of a family.

Not just your own either, but anyone who got their hands dirty. It doesn’t matter how much drama happens in life, because I know that in the heart and soul of my car, I have a family.

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  1. Cassie I think your a great writer and yes you have a badass car. Please take care of YOURSELF!! so you can drive that badass car. You need to thank your parents a lot! Love,
    Your Aunt Alanda

  2. I have a Mauve 1966 Dodge Dart GT convertible with a ‘273’ engine with a four speed with buckets seats. Black interior.

  3. Wow… cute car… cute gal.. great story. I love it, there is hope for the next car guy generation after all.

  4. It’s nice to see a girl that’s actually NOT INTO MUSTANGS! I wish there were more girls into Classic Chevy’s than Fords. Your car is gorgeous! The whole story its-self is just awesome! You don’t hear about neighbors coming together like that at all so you must be in a special environment and I wish more neighborhoods were like that. I would also agree with you about your friends and driving imports, when I was your age like 10 years ago all my friends in school wanted the “ricers” and I was more into the classic or Chevy’s. My first car was an ’86 Camaro which was t-boned by a local barber speeding and ran into me. Enjoy your beautiful car and I hope this drives your passion for appreciating hard work!


  5. That is cool! Neat car, great story. I still have my Hugger Orange 70 SS Chevelle that I had in high school, and that was 30 years ago!

  6. Glad to see someone young enjoying AND working on classic 60’s era cars. Congrats to you, your dad and your Mom, I had a 72 Malibu 350, which I bought new, it was also nothing special in the motor bay, but a great car, Wish I had it now!!

  7. Congrats on your car. Its a sweet looking ride. Once you have classic cars in your blood you will have it forever. Have fun and be safe out there.

  8. Wow! Thanks everyone! Your comments are so amazing! It’s cool to be different and it’s cool to have support! No worries about me getting hurt either cause this car is going to be my grave! No selling, no crashing! 🙂

  9. Hi, I just bought a 1968 Chevelle Malibu. I am 52. The car needs work and my husband spends every day on it. He has restored a 1973 nova to mint condition. My Chevelle is gloss black and I will repaint it the same with a vinyl top. I think I’ll line the console glove box in hot pink to show its a woman’s car. Love your car. Its hot. I think mine will be too.

  10. This car was totaled in a rear end accident August 4th at 3:00
    The lady took full responsibility but due to the facts that this was a neighborhood project we had no receipts to show.
    While the internet says the car is worth $15k and up my lawyer and I fought to get from $11k to $13k. Luckily I managed to buy a car from my dad’s friend at a steep discount and will be starting a new on another project!
    I just want to say thanks to you, you all love my car and know how I feel and I appreciate all the support!

  11. In 1968 I purchased a brand new made to order 1968 chevelle Malibu ! I was 18 years old it was red/w white top,white bucket seats and interior, wide oval tires! It cost $3300.00!! I am now soon to be 68 years old, guess what I’m searching for!!! Oh and by the way, I’m a girl too!!!

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