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My Classic Car: Ed Fisher’s 1961 Ford Starliner


Photo courtesy of Ed Fisher
Photo courtesy of Ed Fisher

Way back in 1961 or 1962 I had a “401” 1961 Starliner, 3-speed with overdrive. I won many Super Stock trophies with it. Had a great time. One fantastic memory was driving it from Akron to Daytona, checking into the motel, putting slicks on it, and drag racing on the back stretch of Daytona Speedway on Saturday night the night before the 500.

I was first loser (to a towed Super Stock). What a memory. That was also the year Curtis Turner was driving a ’61 Starliner. Came from the back of the pack to I believe 5th place and then blew the engine! That was accomplished in just a few laps.

What a car!!!

I had the chance to buy a ’61 Starliner 3 years ago. It has the “401” also. It is aqua and white,very original. So I went to North Carolina and bought it.
I live in Phoenix and take it to various shows here.

Ed Fisher
Akron, Ohio

Many thanks to Ed for sharing his story.  Why not share yours?

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  1. the engine to get for 62 ford would be the cammer 427 ,this engine was way ahead of its time or times were way behind the engine design what ever way you want call it,well ifin i start thinking bout this duesenberg had a overhead camed 4 valve head in the 20s now that fer sure was ahead of the times

  2. yeah. the 406 was an optional engine in the starliner but not until late 1961. my grandpa was a ford mechanic back in the day and had a 1962 galaxie 500 with a 390. i remember him telling me he wished the car had the 406 motor. but with three ducks they had nearly the same power as the 406. the 427 cammer came around late 64 to early 65 . so not an option in 61. great car the starliner!

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